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We Have A Photography Job Vacancy

Posted on February 6, 2017 by Ben Walker under informative
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Photography job at Feed Photography

Looking for a photography job?

With everything that’s going on at Feed Photography we are looking to work with a new photographer at the company. We are looking for a trainee to work alongside us and teach our ways of the industry. They will be trained in all aspects of the industry that we work in, including; weddings, portraits, studio, commercial and teaching.

Rather than making people fill out long tedious essays or questionnaires we would much rather see your artistic talents. the sorts of photography you like to currently undertake and projects you have been involved with. 


The Details

We require a photographer to work alongside the current two photographers. their duties will be;

  • To master using photographic equipment including; cameras, lighting, editing software and web based equipment.
  • To learn the high standard of customer services we offer.
  • To assist our photographers when working.
  • To help with the working methods and organisation at weddings and studio days.

Once the above has been completed, taking on their own studio sessions and eventually being competent at completing weddings as a second photographer will be required duties. This will include taking bookings and producing customers products. 

The potential candidate will require;

  • Qualifications or the ability to show a detailed understanding of camera equipment and editing software.
  • A friendly personality.
  • Good English, Maths and I.T skills.
  • A UK driving licence and access to a vehicle.
  • The ability to be punctual.
  • A portfolio of high standards.
  • Good communication skills.

The successful candidate will  receive on hand teaching from our current photographers, helping the candidate excel with their photographic abilities. They will receive very competitive pay which and is linked to sales and workload. This means the harder you work, the more you earn.   

We request you email us at info@feedphotography.co.uk

To include details about yourself, a C.V and a link or PDF of 5-10 photographs from your personal portfolio. 

We will contact individuals who are successful.





Email Us!

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Email address and mailing list

sunset, engagement photography, feed photography rutland water, email

This image reminds me of what summer looked like, a distant memory to us now in January.

Although all this bad weather does encourage productive website and company building. We now have an official email address! Only taken 10 years!


With the creation of our new email address also comes our new mailing list. We know how annoying companies can be when it comes to emailing you with useless deals and information, So we are trying to be as customer friendly when we email you. Not useless deals that help no one just good solid deals. These will include: discounts on all services, free products, extras with standard bookings, hints and tips to get the most from your packages (weddings, portraits etc.) and advanced notice on any special deals we run to help you make sure to secure a place first .

It is really easy to sign up! either drop us a quick email using the new email address or visit our mail list page.

We don’t force anyone to receive our emails. If you decide that you not longer want to receive them, simply just let us know via email.


Feed Photography’s website

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Website update.

Website Update! This is just a quick update for anyone try to use our website at the moment. (JAN 2017).

I do apologise for any broken links, stock images and stock text in place at present. With the start of 2017 it only seemed right to start with a fresh new look to the website. We are adding Portfolio pages. Specific pages for our wedding, portrait, commercial and lesson based photography. We are trying to make the website more user friendly and help you navigate your way around without getting too lost.

Feedback about the websites new look is always appreciated, so feel free to contact us via our soon to be improved CONTACT US page.

At present our HOMEPAGE is still online and will offer all the future available pages to view.

Alternatively you can keep up to date with our FACEBOOK page, go on, give us a like.

For those looking forward to the new portfolio pages, here’s an insight into my own.


Ben Walker

A little easter egg for you. My first ever portfolio image for Feed Photography

Ben was the founder of Feed Photography in 2009. He originally only taught photography and ran a local photography club. Demand for his photography grew to a point he started providing a service.

He has been into photography from a young age; he started studying it whilst at sixth form and continued on through college and university. His original passion was for extreme sports being lucky enough to photograph some well know names within certain sports. His passion now lies within creative photography, trying to create new and exciting images within wedding photography and pushing the standard concepts of commercial photography styles too. Although he shies away from baby photography he is a keen animal and portrait photographer constantly expanding his portfolio in his own photographic style. He deals with most of the companies edited, marketing and product building. With this he has gained a large collective of skills he can put to use providing clients with exactly what they want.






Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Ben Walker under Leicestershire

Photographing for Fun. Afternoon at Bradgate Park.

One of the wonderful things about being a professional photographer is that you can still enjoy your job as a hobby. One of benefits of being a professional photographer is that you have the best equipment to enjoy your hobby! We decided to take our equipment and play at Bradgate park.

On Sunday (that rare thing called a day off) I was invited along to Bradgate park with some friends to for a walk and the opportunity to see the local deer, there is other wildlife there but the deer are the wonders of the place. Usually on days out I tend to leave my equipment and just enjoy the activities taking place: One lesson I learnt early on as a photographer was, if you experience an event from behind a lens you never truly get immersed in the activity taking place. This weekend made a great change though.

It wasn’t until 3.30 when we finally got ourselves organised and into a car. With it still being February and bradgate park a 45 minute drive away you can see why the images were all taken towards sunset. Sunset is my favourite time of day to work. I love breaking all the rules I was taught when learning my trade, shooting straight into sunlight can give you the best effects. I think sun glare is a wonderful effect and often use it on wedding couples and modelling work; deer and gulls are not usually the subjects of this effect though. This made it even more fun.

It is a rarity that I wander around photographing everything I see, like a kid who has just been given their first camera for Christmas, but this was the day I would. It was really nice to see many people doing a similar thing as well at bradgate park! Photographing the dogs as they played or their children running around. I feel as though I may have been going a bit overkill with the canon 6D and the 70-200 L series lens. If you’ve got it, may as well use it! Although only whilst jumping rivers and brooks I did think, probably should make sure I don’t drop this….

Below is a selection of photographs taken from the day out. I always feel its nice to fill the blog with contents that isn’t all weddings as I’m sure many of you would like to know the other side of us at the company. I may have gone overkill with the sun glare but I don’t care. There is no client asking for anything in particular so it gives me chance to goes as overkill as I desire.

If you would like to head to the park yourself more information can be found in the link below:

The parks website


I am considering running some on location classes at this great place, showing people how to use the sunlight in a similar way. If you would be interested please drop us an email or comment below and we will let you know details. This would be a lesson for people already adept with their camera, but we run beginners classes as well!

Thanks for reading.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.



British inline championships > Vert

Posted on January 18, 2016 by Ben Walker under photographs, rollerblading


British Inline Championships

Saturday the 16th of January was the day that saw host the British inline championships. They haven’t been held for a long time and always held a big date in the rollerblading industries calendar. With big sponsors like; K2, USD, Go Project and Loco skates to name a few, the British inline championships look set to be impressive.

No body left disappointed either. The British inline championships was an eventful day with many a famous face from the industry showing up and many amateurs setting a high standard of ability.

 Feed photography was not contracted to photograph the event but as skate photography has always been an interest to one of our photographers it seemed rude not to get a few shots from the day. These photos were taken whilst watching the vert competition.

Official championships webpage.

Keep an eye on our Youtube page for full video coverage coming soon.

british inline championships vert competition


british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition

british inline championships vert competition



Our wedding photography 2015

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Wedding photography 2015.


This year we have had some amazing weddings to photograph. As we come to the end of our busy wedding season and get an opportunity to reflect on the weddings we have helped capture I can truly say we have got our solid foundations ready for 2016. Our methods of capturing the day is as perfect as can be and our own editing style has helped add those finishing touches to bring many of our brides to tears of joy.

This year we have photographed many non traditional weddings (church followed by venue). We have worked in a Victorian pumping statio

Feed Photography, wedding photography, Melton mowbray, Leicestershire, Midlands, Photographers, 2016,

One of 2015 beautiful couples.

n (papplewick pumping station), Give it a look its a beautiful place. We have also worked in Bolton at an old Freemasons Hall which has gorgeous stairway for group shots. One of our favourite evening venues was two giant interlinked tipi’s provided by (totally tipi).

We are looking to expand into next year offering more high quality services and products. There may even be a few new faces to the team.

2015 has been an amazing year this year so far. To thank all of our wedding clients we would like to offer 10% of any purchases made in October and November, this includes prints (framed or unframed), wedding albums and mini albums and any additional photography shoots you may wish (including family and friends)!! This is just because you have all made it a wonderful year so far.



Wedding Langham > Langham church

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Our first wedding this year took place at Langham church. The weather looked to be bad but by the time the big moment arrived it came good for the couple. Our first wedding wasn’t until June this year which was great as it was a little warmer than some of our previous years starting in February, occasionally we’ve had snow!

The day went beautifully and the bride looked stunning along with the whole wedding party. It was most definitely their day. Even when we took them to one side for their couple shots, the only interest they had was in each other. True sign of a romantic couple.

We have been to see them since the big day and shown them the images, they loved them which we are always so happy to hear. This job has always been about the client reactions rather than the bill paying. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding to start our year of wedding photography.

Here are a few images from the big day to share with you all.

Langham church wedding Mr and Mrs Walker

Langham church wedding Mr and Mrs Walker

Langham church wedding Mr and Mrs Walker

Langham church wedding Mr and Mrs Walker

Langham church wedding Mr and Mrs Walker

Langham church wedding Mr and Mrs Walker

If you are a family or friend of the new Mr and Mrs Walker and have not have chance to view the full album yet please get in touch and we can try and make the images available for you to view. Thank you to everyone involved in the day to help us capture the special memories for the couple. Also thank you to Langham church which was a lovely location for a lovely wedding. Please feel free the get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our services and packages. We offer no obligation quotations and meetings. We are also taking bookings for 2015 and 2016 now!

Wedding Photography around Leicestershire.

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The last few months have been crazy! Well in fact, this whole year has been crazy! The wedding photography around Leicestershire has boomed for us. We cannot thank all the couples who have chosen to use or services enough. Our portfolio of weddings is becoming huge.

Unfortunately this has led to a certain level of neglect to our website. Covering so many weddings has meant that clients, editing and photographing have taken complete priority over all forms of media. We have managed to update our Facebook page a little so feel free to check that out for some more up to date work;


But now that we are getting back on top of it all. We can start to add a little more content to our blog again. We would like to say that we are still taking bookings for next year. Not just in Leicestershire,  but globally! We love all locations, new challenges and all types of weddings! We will be updating our review and feedback on the website as we have had some amazing comments from the wedding parties we have worked with over the last year and would love to let you all see it!

Within the next week we aim to have a sample of our pre wedding photographs online for you all to see the services we offer, along with several images from the big wedding days that have taken place around the midlands over the past few months. We would love to hear some feedback from you all as well. We love to hear peoples opinions on our work, you can become very focused on the job that you forget how beautiful these magical days are until someone stops you to say “wow, that wedding looks amazing!”

Until then here is a sample picture from one of our pre wedding shoots we did last month at Rutland Water, Normanton Church.


A pre wedding shoot at Normaton Church, Rutland water.

So the next time you see a wedding going on around Leicestershire, look out for Feed Photography! we may be helping that lucky couple remember their big day!

Make up artist > Melton Mowbray >Feed Photography

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We worked with make up artist Sophie Hewitt from Sophie Elise Beauty Boutique this weekend just passed.

check her out on face book:


A nice relaxed photo shoot of a few clients who will be featuring in her new portfolio that we are currently putting together for her to help promote the business. They cover all types of make up: weddings and special occasions to crazy dress to impress make up. Best no forget all the other treatments they offer like a nice relaxing massage or a slightly more painful waxing depending on your requirements.

Whilst there, even our photographer Hannah got in on the action and got herself made up with a bright blue and black eye make up. She couldn’t miss out on all the fun!

Now starts the hard work, putting together the portfolio.

We offer a wide range of portfolios to cover every individual or companies needs. We can put together a basic package that makes it affordable to hand out to clients and other companies. We also offer superior quality albums that you will treasure forever. Its all dependent on your requirements. If you need a portfolio putting together, get in touch with us and we can start putting something together with you.

If you would like to see Sophie Elise Beauty Boutiques final portfolio then you will have to call in to the shop and pay them a visit. But as a little sneak preview her are two images; One of the wonderful Sophie herself and one of the wonderful models who helped her out on Sunday.

Sophie Hewitt, Sophie Elise Beauty Boutique, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, make up artist, wedding make up, special occation make up, beauty treatments.

Sophie Hewitt of Sophie Elise Beauty Boutique, Melton Mowbray

Sophie Hewitt, Sophie Elise Beauty Boutique, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, make up artist, wedding make up, special occation make up, beauty treatments.

Models outside Sophie Elise Beauty Boutique, melton mowbray,

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the day, It helps Sophie Elise Beauty Boutique and Feed Photography make it a fun and enjoyable experience. It also helped us capture some beautiful images that im sure you are all eager to see.

Gay Weddings > Melton Mowbray > Feed Photography

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Wedding Flowers, pink flowers, yellow flowers, wedding basket, 2 bunches, bridesmaid flowers, bride

wedding flowers

Gay weddings in the UK.

From today same sex couples can now be legally married. Yes that right, gay weddings are now legal.

Feed Photography would like to congratulate all future same sex couples who intend to be married. we support every ones right to marry and gay weddings should have been legal a long time ago.

We already have a gay wedding booked in for this year and  are looking forward to working with all the new couples who can legally marry now!

A toast to equality!

Congratulations to Celia Kitzinger and Sue Wilkinson who were two of the first same sex couples who benefited from this change in legislation. They where married abroad but only today has this been recognized as an official marriage in England.  To read more about their story check out the BBC news link below

BBC news link.

If you are looking at having a Gay Wedding, please feel free to contact us for information on how we can capture this special day for you.